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SpiceJet and FTAI Aviation will collaborate on 20 engines.

On a CFM56 revitalization programme, SpiceJet will collaborate with FTAI Aviation Ltd, an aftermarket provider of engine services.

As part of this programme, FTAI Aviation Ltd. would lease up to 20 engines to SpiceJet, complete with maintenance services. SpiceJet will have access to a pipeline of available engines thanks to the engine expertise of FTAI Aviation, which removes the need for frequent shop visits. The revitalization effort will lower maintenance costs and minimise aircraft downtime, improving the operation of the airline as a whole.

This programme will underline SpiceJet’s dedication to financial responsibility and superior operational performance. The first engines will be crucial for service on new routes and will be utilized to support the reactivation of SpiceJet’s aircraft fleet over the course of the next two to three months. SpiceJet will improve its resource allocation and concentrate on providing an amazing travel experience while focusing on maximizing their operational capabilities with FTAI Aviation controlling the engines.

SpiceJet hopes to show its innovation and commitment to developing low-cost air travel and the Indian aviation sector through the CFM56 Revitalization programme.

SpiceJet’s chairman and managing director, Ajay Singh, stated, “SpiceJet is making modest but steady progress towards its goal of rebuilding its fleet and making sure that our aircraft remain where they should be, i.e. in the skies carrying our passengers. Our collaboration with FTAI Aviation is a step in the right direction towards ensuring that our fleet is operational at all times without us having to worry about engines or their upkeep. Our planes will spend as little time as possible on the ground thanks to prompt and prepared replacements.

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