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The Kerala Government has established a seven-member committee to review the Social Impact Assessment report on land acquisition for the Rs 3,411 crore greenfield Sabarimala Airport Project. The decision comes weeks after the Union Environment Ministry’s Expert Appraisal Committee approved the project’s Terms of Reference (TOR).

The committee will be chaired by Dr. M V Biju Lal, an assistant professor at the School of International Relations and Politics of Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam. The committee will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the report and submit its recommendation to the Kottayam District Collector. This will then be forwarded to the State Government for consideration.
The project’s Social Impact Assessment is being conducted by the Centre For Management Development in Thiruvananthapuram. The agency has already distributed its draught study report and held hearings in the villages of Erumely South and Manimala. The final report will also contain the comments made during the hearings.
Other members of the expert committee are Dr Sibin Mathew, a Social Scientist and Assistant Professor with the CMS College, Kottayam; Dr Biji Lakshmanan, Associate Professor with the School of Gandhian Thought and Development Studies under the Mahatma Gandhi University; Rosamma John, member of Manimala panchayat council; Anisree Sabu, member of Erumely Panchayat; and KP Jose, a technical expert who is currently the Director of the Kannur International Airport Limited.

“I’ve participated in a variety of expert committees that have submitted recommendations for twenty initiatives. My role in the Sabarimala Airport undertaking will not be particularly challenging. After hearing all parties, we will submit our recommendations,” said Dr. M V Biju Lal, chairman of the expert committee.

The airport will acquire a total of 1,039.876 hectares (2,570 acres) of land in the localities of Erumely South and Manimala, including 307 acres outside the Cheruvally Estate.

Previously, the Civil Aviation Ministry had approved the airport, which is intended to primarily service pilgrims visiting the renowned Lord Ayyappa Temple and boost tourism.
Link- https://www.onmanorama.com/news/kerala/2023/06/27/sabarimala-airport-expert-panel-set-up-analyse-social-impact-report.amp.html


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