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The necessity for a specific package to support the people and families whose livelihoods have depended on Cheruvally Estate for centuries has been noted in the final social impact assessment (SIA) report for the proposed Sabarimala greenfield international airport at Erumely. The report acknowledges the worries expressed regarding the possibility for significant livelihood losses in the region.

The final SIA report was created following a public hearing on the draught report, and it contains suggestions for resolving the concerns raised by nearby neighbours who live close to the project area. The hearing raised a number of topics, but one that received a lot of attention was the rehabilitation of employees and personnel at the estate, which is the main area the project will effect.

There will be a direct impact on 579 families as a result of the project, including 358 families that don’t live on the estate. Additionally, the project will have an impact on local business owners and operators, who may lose their source of income. 149 concrete structures, 74 sheet-roofed buildings, and 30 tile-roofed structures will all be impacted by the project’s land purchase.

The State government has formed an expert panel with representatives from neighbourhood organisations, socio-technical experts, and rehabilitation specialists to analyse the final SIA report. Seven people make up the group, which is chaired by M.V. Bijulal, an assistant professor in the Mahatma Gandhi University School of International Relations and Politics. In accordance with Sections 7(4) to 7(6) of the LRR Act, the committee has two months to evaluate the SIA report and offer its suggestions.

In order to build and develop the airport, the authorities intend to purchase a total of 2,570 acres (1039.876 hectares) of land in the villages of Erumely South and Manimala in the Kanjirappally taluk. The 307 extra acres included here are not a part of the Cheruvally estate.
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