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The world’s most ambitious regenerative tourist destinations, The Red Sea and Amaala, were developed by Red Sea Global (RSG), a multi-project developer. RSG has announced that it will run its own luxury hotel brand at The Red Sea destination, called Shebara.

Shebara, which debuted at the World Travel Market in London, is the first resort in the Red Sea region to be owned and run by RSG. It is scheduled to open in the summer of 2024. Situated in the prosperous Al Wajh Lagoon on Sheybarah Island, the resort is well-known for its stainless steel orbs and is now hiring a top-notch operational team in preparation for its launch.

“Our goal has always been to build an ecosystem that would significantly alter the travel and tourism sector worldwide by expanding our innovative regenerative tourism strategy to a larger range of brands and affiliated businesses. According to John Pagano, Group CEO of RSG, “Shebara is a beacon for all that RSG stands for, showcasing the very best in Saudi hospitality while setting new standards in responsible development and sustainable operations.”

Shebara becomes the newest member of an esteemed group of globally recognized hospitality brands that operate at The Red Sea location. This month, Six Senses opened for business, joining St. Regis and Ritz Carlton Reserve on the roster.

The Shebara revelation comes after RSG said last month that it is also creating Thuwal Private Retreat, an exclusive island resort that it would own and run entirely.

Shebara is situated on Sheybarah Island, which offers the best location for discovering marine life due to its breathtaking 30- to 40-meter reef drop-off near the beach. 73 keys, including overwater and beach villas, make up the resort. Guests can get there by seaplane in 20 minutes or by boat from the mainland in 45 minutes.

Approaching from the south, the first stainless steel villas appear on the horizon like a string of pearls, with the magnificent reception structure forming the “pendant” in the middle. Whether arriving by sea or seaplane, this amazing arrival point’s strategic placement within a natural break in the coral reef offers a spectacular seascape and demonstrates a larger commitment to preservation.

There are two pools: one for families and the other for adults only. The adult-only pool has “lily pad” seating terraces that provide sweeping views of the magnificent sunset. Nestled among the island’s sand dunes, the resort offers a spa and fitness center in addition to two specialized restaurants for guests to choose from.

Moreover, the farthest island can be reserved entirely, and it has a private boat mooring jetty. The island has three one-bedroom villas, a four-bedroom villa, a private beach, and a barbecue area.

The resort was created by Killa Design, and its whole layout is centered around natural reflections. The stainless steel villas mirror the vibrant hues of the sky and the ocean’s surface patterns, which change throughout the day, allowing each area to blend in with its surroundings. A strand of pearls appears to be floating above the water as a result of the overwater orbs’ cantilever over it.

Shebara is an amazing illustration of what can be achieved when producing elegant yet significant design, according to Shaun Killa, the founder and design director of Killa Design. With pods that naturally blend in with the surroundings by reflecting and refracting light from the sun, sky, and sea, it shows how inventive building can flow into nature with grace. Ensuring the resort reflects modern luxury while respecting the area’s natural beauty is our top focus, from the eco-materials selected to the villas’ lunar location.

Shebara is developing quickly; all 38 of the overwater residences are made of stainless steel. The developer mastered this method, so the last overwater villa was installed in less than two hours, compared to the first house’s nine-hour installation time. Twenty-five of the beach villas have been completed so far, and significant advancements have been achieved in the infrastructure and front and rear of home constructions.

Shebara, like the entirety of the Red Sea, will be powered by sunlight 24/7 thanks to its own solar farm that has over 11,000 photovoltaic panels. With more than 760,000 PV panels deployed, RSG has built five solar farms in total to power the destination’s initial phase.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is seeing a notable increase in travel at the same time as the debut of their newest hotel brand. Since the introduction of Vision 2030, tourism’s percentage of GDP has already increased dramatically, rising from a low 3% in 2019 to an astounding 7%. The ambitious goal of accommodating 100 million people annually by 2030 has been raised to 150 million due to the outstanding progress developers like RSG have already achieved.

The Red Sea had its first visitors last month. Reservations are now being accepted for two of its hotels, and since September, planes have begun arriving at Red Sea International Airport on a regular basis. When the destination is finished in 2030, it will include fifty resorts with up to 8,000 hotel rooms and more than 1,000 residential units spread over 22 islands and six inland locations. In addition, the location will have golf courses, F&B, entertainment, and opulent marinas.

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