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  • On October 19, Delhi HC will hear Go First’s Lessors’ Request.

On October 19, the Delhi High Court will hear arguments from leasing businesses seeking to have Go First aircraft deregistered. In a hearing on Thursday, the lessors pushed for the release of the aircraft leased to Go First after receiving a favorable response from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

However, attorneys for the airline’s committee of creditors and resolution experts requested additional time to review the Wednesday evening notification. The case was set for hearing on October 19 after the court accepted the plea.

The notification disallows moratorium for leased aircraft, which has given lessors attempting to recoup the aircraft leased to Go First a boost.

Lessors are requesting de-registration, although Go First is anticipated to object to the request.

The notification won’t have an effect on the airline, according to a top Go First executive. As a general rule, notifications are always prospective, he explained.

Source- Travel biz
Link- https://travelbizmonitor.com/delhi-hc-to-hear-go-firsts-lessors-plea-on-october-19/


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