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The effectiveness of the strategy has been questioned by experts, and opposition lawmakers have criticized the government for lacking foresight and preparation in addressing pollution.

The Delhi government decided to delay the implementation of the odd-even traffic control scheme on Friday. This decision was made shortly after the Supreme Court harshly criticized the administration’s attempts to reduce pollution, stating that the government was entitled to take necessary action even if the program had little effect.

Gopal Rai, the environment minister for Delhi, stated that the decision was made because of a sharp increase in the quality of the air after an unexpected period of rain and thunderstorms.

“There has been an improvement in Delhi’s air quality. The AQI was over 450 and the pollution levels had reached severe plus; they are currently at about 300. Rai stated this at a press conference held at the Delhi secretariat: “The government has decided to postpone the decision to implement odd-even in the November 13–20 period.”

The odd-even car policy, which states that cars with odd numbers can only be used on odd days and cars with even numbers on even days, was supposed to go into effect on Monday. However, the court earlier this week described the announcement as an attempt at “optics,” and experts questioned the policy’s effectiveness, pointing out that the inconvenience it caused was not worth the minimal impact.

Source- Hindustan times


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