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  • Next decade, Emirates SkyCargo will increase its storage space by 50 percent.

Emirates SkyCargo is so confident in the future of the global cargo business that it has recently added two Boeing 747-400Fs to its fleet.

Emirates, the largest international airline, is expanding its cargo division with the addition of 15 new freighters from announced orders and its freighter conversion programme, as well as increased belly-hold capacity from the delivery of new passenger aircraft, beginning with Airbus A350s in late summer 2024 and followed the following year by 777-Xs.

By the end of the next decade, Emirates SkyCargo plans to have a fleet of over 300 wide-body aircraft, including 777s, 777-Fs, 747-Fs, A350s, and A380s, allowing it to treble its current capacity, expand its freighter network to over 20 new destinations, and provide even more options and services to its clients.

Despite the uncertainty in the market, Emirates SkyCargo is moving forward with all speed, as Senior Vice President of the division Nabil Sultan explained. Long-term forecasts for international air freight traffic suggest growth of 3-5% per year. The possibility for Emirates SkyCargo is obvious when you consider Dubai’s plan to quadruple its foreign commerce, in which multi-modal logistics will play a significant part, and the thriving economies in the Gulf, West Asia, and Africa.

While we await the arrival of five brand-new 777Fs in 2024 and 2025 and ten 777-300ERs from our conversion programme over the following five years, the two brand-new 747-Fs that we have leased will provide us with immediate capacity. We do not think that even these more planes will be enough. By that time, we’ll have the maintenance, repair, and overhaul infrastructure in place to rapidly and smoothly expand our freighter conversion programme.

The two Boeing 747-Fs, which Emirates SkyCargo has on long-term wet-lease, are being used to increase frequency on routes to Chicago (three times per week) and Hong Kong (nine times per week).

He continued, “The new planes mean we can increase our freighter network and magnify the connectivity with the main Emirates network. With the revised fleet composition, we can better accommodate our various clientele. To speed up digitalization and technological innovation, as well as to develop new goods, Emirates SkyCargo is also investing. Our goal is to be the go-to provider of specialised solutions because of our commitment to providing them quickly, dependably, flexibly, and efficiently. The future holds even more surprises. Keep an eye out!

The new creative advertising campaign for Emirates SkyCargo, entitled “The World Works Better with Emirates SkyCargo,” debuted last week. The commercial uses commonplace situations to highlight the importance of the company’s logistical services in linking consumers with the products they need, be they pharmaceuticals, perishable foods, decorative items, or even pets and valuables.

SOURCE :- https://www.breakingtravelnews.com/news/article/emirates-skycargo-to-double-its-capacity-in-next-decade/


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