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A revamped Flying Ranee was sent off on Sunday from Mumbai to Surat, more than 43 years after it made history by becoming the first train in Indian Railways history to be coupled with double-decker coaches.

Darshana Jardosh, the Union Minister of State for Railways and Textiles, flagged off the train as it made its more than 200-kilometer journey from Mumbai Central station to Surat.The double-decker coaches are no longer on the train. According to a representative, it has Linke Hofmann Buschnew (LHB) coaches, which are faster and more pleasant than its forerunner.

In addition to the general coach, the new Flying Ranee has air-conditioned chair cars, coaches with second-class seating, a coach for women only, and a coach for female season ticket holders.

“The new and improved Flying Ranee, the newest addition to Naye Bharat Ki Nayi Rail, is starting a new age. Jardosh, a Lok Sabha representative for the Surat seat, tweeted that the Flying Ranee train has been flagged off as it left Mumbai Central Railway Station for the first time on its first journey to Surat with new LHB carriages.

The minister stated, “Travelling by train has its own appeal; you get to meet new people, you make valuable memories, and you also get to admire India’s landscape.

The Flying Ranee was the first train in Indian Railways history to be hitched with double-decker carriages on December 18, 1979.

“The period is over! This morning, the legendary Flying Ranee Express train’s non-AC double decker coaches made their final public appearance. The train has updated LHB-class upgraded versions of coaches starting this evening, but regrettably it is not a double decker, according to Rajendra Aklekar, a writer and author of a book on India’s rail history.

“Could not for anything miss the historic final run of the double decker coaches. Exact 43 years, 6 months, and 29 days had passed since their first encounter on the train. The Valsad Fast Passenger, run by Western Railway, is the only double-decker train left, Aklekar tweeted.
Source- the print
Link- https://theprint.in/india/mumbai-surat-flying-ranee-train-sans-double-decker-coaches-flagged-off/1672359/


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