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Due to union disputes, the operations that were supposed to start on Thursday must be delayed for a week.
According to people acquainted with the situation, the eagerly anticipated “Metro Mitra” application, a new service that seeks to give metro users throughout the state with meter-based last-mile connectivity, is scheduled to begin operations next week.

Although the application’s beta version was introduced on Wednesday at the Jayanagar metro station, the operations, which were supposed to start on Thursday, have had to be delayed for a week due to internal union disputes.

In conjunction with Agnibhu Technologies, LatLong, and GiZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), auto rickshaw drivers have launched a project called Metro Mitra that promises to provide last-mile connection from all of the city’s metro stations. Customers will be able to download the software using a WhatsApp chatbot and QR codes.

The dispute arose because of a name dispute with the Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU), according to D Rudramurthy, general secretary of the Autorickshaw Drivers’ Union (ARDU). The ARDU CITU protested in front of the metro station on Wednesday while the application was being launched.

The app got a journey as well as being released on Wednesday. But there will soon be a demonstration. By then, we’ll have resolved all of the problems, and we’ll start working after September 11,” Rudramurthy said.

We were accused of utilizing the CITU’s union name for these endeavors, according to them. They claimed that we had been taking advantage of their autorickshaw drivers through “Namma Yatri” and “Metro Mitra” in recent years. However, we have not defrauded anyone. This will allow the drivers to earn well, Rudramurthy continued.

According to Rudramurthy, the ARDU cut ties with the CITU in 2019 as a result of some disagreements. The altercation started because of their union, ARDU CITU.

He stated that Metro Mitra activities will start the following week under a different organization. “We have chosen to register a new corporation under the name ‘Professional Autodrivers Association’ for the new endeavor. Therefore, this will be how the Metro Mitra app is run, not via ARDU.

Source- Hindustan times


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