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Marijana Jakic has been chosen as the next CEO of the recently founded St. Moritz Tourismus AG, according to the board of directors. Jakic, a St. Moritz local and esteemed member of the management team of Engadin Tourism, won the competitive selection process that considered about 80 applicants. Beginning on September 1, 2023, she will formally assume her responsibilities as CEO.

The focus now switches to the leadership following the successful founding of St. Moritz Tourismus AG in May 2023, which was followed by the selection of an experienced Board of Directors charged with determining the strategic course of the organisation.

At the moment, Jakic works with Engadin Tourismus as the St. Moritz brand manager and a respected executive board member.

The board’s faith in Jakic’s capacity to expertly guide the business into new vistas is evident in their choice of her as the new CEO. Jakic is well-positioned to define and lead the upscale resort town of St. Moritz into a period of innovation, growth, and increased importance under the guidance of her great leadership abilities and distinctive personality.

Following her appointment as CEO, Marijana stated, “I am eager to begin my duties as STMT’s CEO. My love for St. Moritz drives us to promote all that the city has to offer and to warmly welcome new visitors from India. India has recently risen to the top ten global markets for us. India is a country that frequently visits St. Moritz and the Engadin Valley on a regular basis. To draw in the growing number of new-age travellers who are more adventurous and want immersive sensory travel experiences, we will continue to collaborate closely with Indian travel agencies and sales & marketing professionals. Through trade alliances, FAM- and business & development trips, innovative marketing collaborations, and other means, our objective is to keep capitalising on India’s constantly developing market opportunities.

Marijana Jakic is appointed as CEO of St. Moritz Tourismus.

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