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Exciting and entertaining as can be are road journeys. Although arranging them in advance and deciding on a location can be difficult. Check out the best five places to visit in India by car.

Taking a road trip may be both calming and exhilarating. They’re the most entertaining method to see the world without becoming homesick. Those who don’t get seasick easily and can sit for extended periods of time would benefit most from these. The sheer number of potential destinations can make it difficult to organise a road trip. The question then becomes how to efficiently conduct a search for them.

Here are some great destinations for road trips that will not disappoint.

The Express Highway From Mumbai To Pune

Lonavala is a famous tourist destination, and the 94-kilometer drive there takes between two and three hours. The breathtaking landscapes you’ll see along the way will leave a lasting impression.

The Mandi-Shimla Highway

This 250-kilometer path along the Rives Beas is one of the best places to relax. It’s a five- to six-hour drive, although the rugged terrain adds some extra time.

  1. From Delhi to the Palace in Neemrana

If you’re looking for a quick road trip from Delhi during Valentine’s week, Neemrana is a great option. Travelling along NH-8 is already a pleasant experience, but it takes on an air of romance during the monsoons.

From New Delhi to Kasauli

The travel from the crowded city takes over 6 hours. The quiet atmosphere of the hill station makes it perfect for relaxing with loved ones. Several hidden gems, such as churches, vantage points, and hiking trails, can be found in and around this city.

The Manali-Leh

Travelling from Manali to Leh is best done in the summer or around the middle of October. Up to 15 hours could be spent in transit. If you wait until after October, you’ll have to deal with snowy roads. You won’t find better scenery anywhere else, and the trip itself will be memorable. If you need a rest during your sightseeing adventure, stop by the Circuit House in Lahaul Valley.

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