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  • MakeMyTrip’s Bangalore office is transformed by Space Matrix into a futuristic workspace that reflects their distinctive brand culture.

For MakeMyTrip, the largest online travel agency in India, Space Matrix, a top workplace design and construction firm, recently completed a comprehensive workplace design makeover project. By incorporating the entire soul of the MakeMyTrip brand into every part of its spatial layout, the newly built workspace establishes new industry standards.

The freshly constructed office, which is an astounding 57,000 square feet, is situated in Bangalore’s Helios Business Park. It serves as evidence of MakeMyTrip’s singular perspective and Space Matrix’s creative methodology. Space Matrix has developed an immersive workspace that captures the spirit of MakeMyTrip and engages both visitors and staff by embracing the idea of a “brand destination.”

MakeMyTrip, a leading travel website in India, wanted the interior of its workplace to embody the brand’s values and foster a sense of community among employees by inspiring pride in their work and the company they represent. Another important requirement was to guarantee that the office space’s brand-centric design attracted new talent and enabled exceptional talent retention. This was thought to be possible by developing a design that highlighted key brand components and encouraged teamwork among the staff. It was also designed to be a place for productive, stress-free working and healthy socialization.

The Associate Director of Space Matrix, Aruna Ramakrishnan, commented on this by saying, “During our visioning exercise with MakeMyTrip, it was apparent that they needed thematic spaces and set-up. They appreciated a good narrative since they were a travel firm that planned trips for other people. In order to match with the brand image and make consumers feel good about the work they do, the brand story and workplace design were intended to be combined. Additionally, it needed to create a “wow” effect that would impress new hires and facilitate the company’s retention efforts. With this goal in mind, we wrote a story about MMT that was real and about “THEM… Everyone who visits the area is invited by the “Culture Cafe,” which acts as the social hook. Its purpose is to provide drama and life to the experience of arriving. We sought to create a first impression that sticks in everyone’s memory and quietly communicates the brand through subtle design cues.

Maj. Rajneesh Sharma, Director of HR and Administration at MakeMyTrip, continued, “We are delighted with the results of this combined endeavor. We desired an office setting that reflected the spirit of the workplace, our culture, and the energy of creativity. It needed to be a place where everyone felt comfortable, important, and happy to be a part of MMT. Our expectations have been exceeded by the office space that Space Matrix has designed for us. Our corporate identity is well captured in the design, which also creates an environment where our team members may flourish. Our staff members will definitely be motivated by this new workspace to keep planning remarkable journeys for our consumers.

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Link- https://travelbizmonitor.com/space-matrix-transforms-makemytrips-bangalore-office-into-a-futuristic-workspace-reflecting-their-unique-brand-culture/


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