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The nation’s top online travel company, MakeMyTrip, has launched a comprehensive strategy to engage and utilize college talent across the country as part of its effort to step up talent acquisition. The company’s dedication to seeking out greatness beyond conventional paradigms and connecting with students from all over India, including prestigious universities and potential academic institutions in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, is demonstrated by this creative approach.

MakeMyTrip’s multi-tiered approach to talent engagement is centered around a pyramid-shaped architecture. The corporation highlights its outreach to all corners of the varied Indian landscape at the base of the organization. The objective is for the brand to become synonymous with boundless prospects so that any professional that aspires to be aspires, no matter where they live, would have a positive perception of the company while they are charting their career goals. This action is a symbol of the company’s commitment to diversity and its goal of providing a varied personnel pool to cater to a diverse client base across the country.

This foundation is reinforced by the intermediate tier, which concentrates on outreach depth. While specialized hiring continues to prioritize established universities, MakeMyTrip is expanding its campus engagement to include campuses of all stripes. Through the introduction of real-world case study competitions, the organization hopes to connect with top talent and ensure that their passion, abilities, and organizational positions are aligned.

The culmination of this approach is an immersive and transparent demonstration of MakeMyTrip’s internal operations. Through “A Day in the Life of” events, prospective employees are given a perceptive look into the organization’s vitality, roles, and culture. Through the ability to envision a future inside the dynamic MakeMyTrip ecosystem, this effort seeks to close the gap between expectations and reality for candidates.

The company unveiled its “Limitless with MakeMyTrip – Reimagine Travel” ad as a component of this all-encompassing strategy. It was more than simply a competition; it was an invitation for students from tech and non-tech campuses, as well as those from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, to demonstrate their creativity in problem-solving and comprehension of the travel environment. The assignment for the students was to make a 90-second social media clip that fit into one of the following categories: “Unseen India,” “India on a Budget,” or “Responsible India.” The remarkable response, which included more than 4,700 entries, highlights how well the campaign was able to ignite the passion and untapped potential of India’s youth. The majority of entries came from technical campuses like IIT Mumbai, PES, Thapar, and IIT Patna, as well as management campuses like MDI, IIM Lucknow, IIM Indore, NMIMS, SCMHRD, and IMT.

Group CHRO of MakeMyTrip Yuvaraj Srivastava commented, “We’re proud to be the catalyst in bringing forth voices from campuses and have a proactive campus engagement strategy,” in response to this strategic change. With MakeMyTrip, we see a day where every gifted person, no matter their background, is able to glimpse the endless possibilities.

MakeMyTrip is proactive in spite of the dwindling hiring patterns seen on college campuses around the country, seizing the chance to bolster its brand recognition and student engagement. The company’s innovative approach to talent acquisition, which aims to cultivate a varied and vibrant workforce that reflects India’s vibrancy, sets it apart from competitors in addition to its services.

Source- Travel daily


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