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  • Launched by Trevolution Group, the Dreamport Platform will enable gig workers throughout India.

Trevolution Group, the company behind Asaptickets, Skyluxtravel, International Travel Network, and other well-known travel companies, has introduced Dreamport, a new platform that makes it possible for gig workers to be hired as independent travel managers wherever they may be. India and Uzbekistan were carefully selected as the platform’s soft launch markets.

Dreamport provides individuals, including new hires, with an all-inclusive free training programme that covers a range of subjects like marketing, sales, customer service, industry standards, and tools. Additionally, the platform gives its travel managers customer leads to start sales. The platform provides a user-friendly interface that walks users through setting up and running a travel agency. Users receive trip requests through Dreamport from other Trevolution travel providers like Asaptickets and Skyluxtravel, and they are paid a commission on each transaction. Because of Dreamport’s extremely competitive commission system, users can work from home or from any location in the nation and still make a sizable profit.

The company wanted to create a platform that would give people possibilities all across the world, according to the founder, Alex Weinstein. “The majority of the C-level executives in our company, including myself, began as regular travel agents and progressed through the ranks with us. Our company, which has been in the travel business for almost 20 years, believes in the power of giving back to society because it not only helps those who have few opportunities for employment but also strengthens our commitment to being a socially responsible organization that seeks to have a positive impact on the world, according to Alex Weinstein, the Group’s Founder.

The meaning behind our name, Dream + Port (from an airport, from Puerto – door), is that “we invite people to unlock their potential and open the door to their dreams. We may go out on a road towards personal development and fulfillment together. Dreamport enables a win-win situation: “We give opportunities to people who are thirsty for knowledge, learning, and success, and our clients receive assistance from people who are equally passionate and happy to do what they do,” says Weinstein.

Dreamport has received over 1,500 applications in less than a month since the soft launch, and one extremely determined person has finished their training programme in only a week.
Dreamport is an entirely online platform designed to take advantage of the limitless potential of the digital sphere and connect with a sizable audience without being constrained by physical boundaries. While pursuing a profession in the travel sector, it provides travel managers with independence, mobility, and choices for a flexible schedule. English proficiency and a steady internet connection are two essential prerequisites for the platform application. Since top-notch training is offered to educate skills and knowledge in sales, communication, active listening, business acumen, discovery, curiosity, and teamwork, prior industry experience or education is not necessary. A travel manager’s key duties include informing consumers about travel options, selling tickets for flights, and handling the sale of ancillary travel goods.

Trevolution Group has launched Dreamport in Uzbekistan in addition to India. The firm intends to roll out Dreamport gradually, beginning with South America by August 2023 and moving on to Africa by November. The platform will debut in Europe the following year.

Source- travel daily


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