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As of today, passengers riding the Delhi Metro will be able to use a new WhatsApp-based ticketing service to ride on the Airport Line. According to officials, the method enables commuters to receive a ticket with a QR code straight on WhatsApp.

“Further enhancing the travel experience for its commuters in an easy-to-navigate digital mode, Delhi Metro today introduced a WhatsApp-based ticketing service for travel on its Airport Express Line,” the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) stated.

At the Metro Bhawan in this city, the service was introduced by DMRC Managing Director Vikas Kumar in the presence of other top executives.

With the addition of this feature, commuters using the Airport Line will now be able to use QR code-based tickets created by WhatsApp chatbots on their cellphones.

The Airport Line will now allow commuters to purchase and use tickets generated in-app through a dedicated WhatsApp chatbot (available in English and Hindi language) at their convenience, the DMRC said. This facility will make commuting more efficient and seamless for commuters, especially national and international travellers heading to or coming from the airport.

Commuters must add the DMRC’s official WhatsApp number, 9650855800, to their phone’s contact list in order to use the service, according to the statement.

According to the officials, a maximum of six QR code-based tickets can be created for each passenger for both individual and group trips.

The tickets are good through the close of business. However, once a person has entered, they must leave the station within 65 minutes. Passengers should depart within 30 minutes of the time of admission in order to exit at the source (origin) station, they advised.

After hours, the tickets cannot be reserved. Tickets cannot be cancelled through the service.

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