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With the introduction of the “Luxeglamp Celestial Glamp,” an amazing new celestial-themed glamping experience at Luxeglamp Kodaikanal, Luxeglamp EcoResorts, the innovators behind India’s first luxury glamping project, have taken another ground-breaking step.

The unique feature of the Celestial Glamp is that it is based entirely on a celestial-theme both inside and outside the dome, in the midst of the spectacular natural beauty of Kodaikanal. While within the dome visitors will see the moon and ethereal twinkling stars, outside the dome visitors can use a specially imported telescope to view the starry night against a starry background.

The celestial-themed glamping at Luxeglamp delivers an enthralling journey into the wonders of the universe, which can be enjoyed laying in your own bed, and ignites a sense of enchantment, according to Antony Thomas, CEO & Founder of Luxeglamp EcoResorts.

The celestial-themed glamping offered by Luxeglamp is a special chance to take in the ethereal beauty of the cosmos while surrounded by the magnificence of nature. Visitors may luxuriate in starry wallpapers that shimmer like the night sky, moon-shaped lighting fixtures that cast a soothing glow around them, and constellation-inspired artwork that takes them to distant galaxies.

As visitors think about the boundless beauty and vastness of the universe, the cosmic theme inspires sentiments of peace and calm. Luxeglamp’s celestial glamps offer a fantastic getaway from the ordinary because they are tucked away in stunning panoramas and lush environments.

Guests will experience profound connections with the universe while stargazing on clear nights while surrounded by artwork with a cosmic theme. The celestial-themed glamping excursion celebrates the marvels of the cosmos, arousing awe and igniting aspirations that reach for the heavens.

Even at our Bubble glamps in Munnar, we’ll be adding similar themes to improve the guest experience and give them “that something extra,” said Thomas.

In the next two years, Luxeglamp intends to open five further resorts both domestically and abroad.

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