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  • Kerala hopes to attract more female visitors with an app that offers customized packages and guides who are women.

Kerala Tourism has decided to launch a mobile application listing women-friendly tourism packages, women tourist operators and guides, as well as suitable amenities, to make the visit to the state more pleasant and hassle-free for women travelers as more and more women are traveling alone and in groups of their own.

The content of the app, which will contain all location-specific information and images including the socio-cultural features of various places in Kerala, has been asked to be prepared by the State Responsible Tourism Mission (RT Mission), the nodal agency for implementing the “Women-Friendly Tourism” project, the tourism department said.

The state’s policy aim, according to tourism minister P A Mohamed Riyas, is to create a “conducive ambience for women tourists” there. “In today’s society, it has become common for women to travel alone or in small groups to remote locations…The software for the women-friendly tourism project would make it easier and more enjoyable for women to visit Kerala, according to Riyas.

In line with the UN Women’s ‘Gender Inclusive Tourism’ idea, which envisions women having significant roles in the tourism sector, Riyas had launched the programme in October of last year.

The tourism agency is also launching a number of women-friendly travel items and packages in addition to this effort. The project, which seeks to involve 1.5 lakh women from the state, is being carried out with the assistance of other groups, including UN Women. According to the press release, it established goals to create 10,000 women-owned businesses and 30,000 new jobs in the tourism industry.

According to the statement, the launch of the mobile app signals the start of the pioneering project’s second phase of activities. In addition to information about Kerala’s tourist destinations, the app will also include information on resorts, hotels, women-owned businesses, recognised tour operators, women tour operators, travel agencies, homestays, and women tour guides.

According to the tourism administration, the app will also feature women-led businesses that produce and sell handicrafts and souvenirs, utilities like bathrooms, campgrounds, houseboats with permits, caravan parks, and businesses serving local food, festivals, and experiential and adventure packages.

In addition to researching the safety of women in tourism hubs, RT Mission has undertaken a large information collection effort for inclusion in the app.

Around 1,800 women have received training in a variety of areas under the “Women-Friendly Tourism” project, which is being implemented by the nodal agency RT Mission. Representatives who were elected by women will receive training in July.

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