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Jharsuguda joins IndiGo’s network as the 84th destination

As the “powerhouse of Odisha,” Jharsuguda is excited to announce planned connectivity to and from the city. Jharsuguda will become the 116th overall and 84th domestic destination in the 6E network after the addition of these daily direct flights from November 5, 2023, to Kolkata, and from November 15, 2023, to Bengaluru. With the introduction of these new lines, IndiGo intends to improve accessibility, interstate connectivity, mobility, and linkage to a key commercial and industrial hub.

IndiGo’s head of global sales, Vinay Malhotra, stated, “We are happy to have Jharsuguda as part of our extensive 6E network. These additional lines from Jharsuguda are being introduced to improve domestic connectivity. As the engine of Odisha and a burgeoning industrial centre, its connections to important metropolises like Kolkata and Bengaluru will definitely spur trade and commerce. We are dedicated to keeping our promise to offer travelers across our vast network cheap, on-time, courteous, and hassle-free travel experiences as we constantly explore new skies and connect people with their preferred destinations.

The Indian state of Odisha’s western region contains the city of Jharsuguda. It is a developing industrial hub, especially for the cement and metal industries. The mining and thermal power industries make up the majority of its robust industry. Due to its diverse demography, languages, and cultures, Jharsuguda has been referred to as “Little India” on numerous occasions. The numerous communities that call Jharsuguda home have an impact on its culture. The city also has a long history of folk dance and music.

Waterfalls, temples, wildlife sanctuaries, and natural parks are among the tourism attractions Jharsuguda has to offer. Although it might not be a conventional tourist site, it has its own appeal for individuals who are curious about nature and culture. Some of the well-known tourist destinations include the Koilighughar waterfall, Ram Chandi Temple, Jhadeswar Temple, Pikolgughar Stream, Guja Pahad, Ulapgarh Hill forts, Babadera cave, etc.

Customers can purchase tickets on our official website,, to help them organize their trip. These new flights will improve the airline’s domestic connection even more.

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