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  • India becomes the fastest market to increase inbound travel to Australia to pre-Covid levels.

With 375,000 visitors to Australia for the year ending May 2023, India has emerged as the market that is recovering to pre-Covid levels the quickest. This represents a recovery of 102%.

For the first time since 2019, Tourism Australia is currently hosting its flagship trade initiative, Australia Marketplace India (AMI0), in Bengaluru.

“India has been Australia’s fastest growing source market and continues to be one of Australia’s most valuable and promising tourism markets now and into the future,” said Andrew Hogg, Executive GM, Eastern Markets and Aviation, Tourism Australia. Australia Marketplace India is our main venue for bringing together some of Australia’s top industry experts and tourism delegates in order to demonstrate Australia’s appeal to Indian trade stakeholders as a destination of first-class travel and to promote future growth in Indian visitor numbers and spending.

Over 433 million people have viewed the Tourism Australia marketing campaign Come and Say G’day, and 89% more people are likely to travel to Australia as a result of this campaign. On social media, digital, OTT cinema, and out-of-home platforms, this video was promoted.

Indian tourists spent $1.97 billion (INR 11,000 crore), an increase of 16%, placing them fifth among inbound market spenders. India held the sixth spot on this metric in 2019. Additionally, there has been a six-fold increase in business events. The capacity of direct aviation has tripled, and visa processing is quick and simple, making all of this possible.

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