Tue. May 30th, 2023

Increased availability of Air France-KLM's Light price on long-haul flights

Light prices have been introduced by Air France and KLM for their long-haul premium and business class cabins.

On long-distance flights departing from France and the Netherlands, the business, Premium Comfort (KLM), and Premium Economy (Air France) cabins now offer the same low fares that were previously only available for economy seats. However, flights to North America, China, Vietnam, and Mauritius are not included in this.

This fare is less expensive yet more restrictive than others. Light rates for business class seats on Air France and KLM do not include use of airport lounges.

“The change, refund, and combinability conditions of a Light fare in business and premium cabins are similar to the conditions in economy cabin,” the airlines noted. It’s worth noting that “Light fares in these three cabins are changeable for a fee, but non-refundable, and are combinable with all Light fare options across all cabins.”

The A, S, and W booking classes, as well as the O and Z business class booking classes, are all eligible for the discounted Light tickets offered by Air France and KLM. You may bring on board the same number of bags as you could with an Economy Light ticket for the same journey.

Light ticket passengers flying in business or first class will still receive priority services such as check-in, boarding, and disembarking, as well as priority baggage delivery. 

SOURCE :- https://www.businesstravelnewseurope.com/Air-Travel/Air-France-KLM-expands-Light-fares-on-long-haul-flights

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