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  • Increase in Airfares of 41% Is Likely To Slow Down Aviation’s Long-Term Recovery.

India has seen the most increase in airfare among other nations in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions, according to Airports Council International (ACI Asia-Pacific). There are doubts regarding the long-term revival of the civil aviation sector due to the 41% increase in airfares in India. Australia (23%) and Singapore (30%), as well as the United Arab Emirates (34%), have all seen large fare increases recently. According to the central government, just a few routes have seen an increase in airfare.

After domestic air transport resumed following the Covid-19 lockdowns, Union Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya M. Scindia highlighted the significance of maintaining fair ticket rates. The Minister had earlier made plain to the airlines that the maximum rates must fall within a reasonable range during a meeting with the Airlines Advisory Group. In light of recent events like the Go First tragedy as well as other unanticipated circumstances or situations, Scindia had stated that it is imperative to avoid high costs. He highlighted that while they are always checking the fares, the government cannot allow rates to rise above what is reasonable. The airlines were instructed to self-monitor pricing in order to control fares, particularly on routes that the grounded Go First airline had previously covered.

Scinida had stated during a news conference here in Delhi, “The objective is to ensure that air travel remains affordable and accessible for passengers, while also taking into account the various challenges faced by the aviation industry.” Since the Air Corporations Act was repealed in 1994, there has been no government regulation of airfares in India. Under the condition that they adhere to Rule 137 of the 1937 Aircraft Rules, airlines are free to set appropriate prices based on their operational viability.
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