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  • In the Ghansoli node, NMMC will enlarge and concrete internal roads.

According to officials, the eight crore mega project will widen and concretize the road connections between the Ghansoli and Koparkhairane nodes.
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After the monsoon, the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) will start expanding and concretizing undeveloped roads in the Ghansoli node for the first time since 2016 when the node was formally transferred to it from CIDCO.

The engineering department has planned to widen the route connecting Ghansoli Railway Station to Koparkhairane Node during the initial stage of the road construction work. A 45-foot stretch of road will be enlarged and renovated for around Rs. 8 crore. The huge project would be completed after the monsoon, according to officials.

The NMMC is working on improving the connection of the internal area for the first time by enlarging roadways, which are rather narrow and in poor condition, following the transfer from CIDCO. Because the plots next to these roadways were empty and uninhabited, these missing links were not investigated, according to a senior NMMC officer.

These sites have received high rise building tenders from CIDCO, which has opened the door for the desperately needed development work. The job to be done comprises cutting down trees that range in diameter from 30 to 90 cm, mowing down 50 meters of grass, drilling and laying concrete road, installing traffic sign boards, and building pathways.

To increase connection within the node, similar work will be done on additional internal roadways. Because to the current roads’ extreme narrowness, traffic jams frequently occur. Access to Ghansoli would be made simpler thanks to the road widening, according to the official.

Residents of Ghansoli claim that the initiative to enlarge the roads is urgently needed. “With so many high rise structures sprouting up in the region, a road infrastructure upgrade is long required. The approach route to the train station is so congested that walking and even driving are impossible. The prevalence of unauthorized parking by cars and private vehicles is aggravating the situation, a resident stated.

Source- HIndustan times
Link- https://www.hindustantimes.com/cities/mumbai-news/nmmc-to-widen-concretise-internal-roads-in-ghansoli-node-101694197474868.html


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