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  • In Rajasthan, a single smart card will soon be required for entrance.

The Rajasthani government is developing a system that would let visitors use a single smart card to access many monuments and transportation hubs.

The proposal, for which the tourism department is the nodal agency and the transport department is also a part, calls for the department of information technology to create a portal.One smart card, which would need to be recharged, will initially grant visitors entry to several monuments, according to a tourism department official.
This will be accomplished by creating a portal. It will be convenient for the tourists to visit the sites without having to buy tickets at each one. All state government-protected monuments will accept a single card. The official stated that the services of highways will be used to integrate this card.

He claimed that for intrastate travel, the service will initially exclusively offer very luxurious buses.

Another official stated that the smart cards’ legitimacy will be determined in a way that would support crowd control at monuments. “The service will be expanded, and private museums or monuments will also be covered under this, depending on how the system responds. This will eliminate the need to wait in queue for tickets, saving both time and resources, the official stated.

“This system has a broad scope. After successful implementation at a lesser size, integration of other tourism services, such as hotel stays at Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC)-owned properties, private hotels and resorts, and cab services, can also be done.

Gajendra Singh, an Udaipur-based tour guide, claimed that buying tickets has turned into a time-consuming activity for tourists, especially during busy seasons, and that if this system is implemented, it will greatly simplify travel for visitors.

Such a method, according to him, “will unquestionably send a positive message about the state’s tourism industry.”

With 1087.5 lakh tourists expected to visit Rajasthan in 2022, tourism is one of the state’s major industries.

In addition to forts and palaces, Rajasthan also draws a sizable number of tourists from around the nation and beyond, including those from the US, France, UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, and Australia.
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