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In Mumbai, ETAA Hosted A Knowledge Session For Its Members.

A recent knowledge session for its members was organized by the Enterprising Travel Agents Association (ETAA) in Mumbai. High ranking representatives from Sublimis Technologies, an ERP Business Automation Platform, took part in the interactive session. Avtar Singh Matharu, Kaushal Ranpura, and Karthik Venkatraman, CEO and co-founder of Sublimis Technologies, also took part in the conversation and responded to numerous inquiries from the ETAA members. There were more than 60 members present during the event.

“The workshop helped us clear up a lot of our doubts because it was quite participatory. The individuals that took part in the debate have extensive knowledge of the travel industry and developed ERP programs with a travel focus. A few comments from our members will aid the business in improving their offerings. According to Dharmesh Advani, National General Secretary of the ETAA, “We are quite optimistic that Sublimis Technologies will release better goods for our business in the days to come.

There was also a VFS team led by Vishal Jairath, Head—South Asia, Visa Operations. Jairath also responded to queries from the ETAA participants. This was the first occasion that ETAA members and the VFS crew communicated.

The occasion was also attended by Carl Dantas, founder and chairman emeritus, as well as national board members and directors Jagat Mehta, Abhijit Khadilkar, Dipti Pradhan Thakoor, and Dharmesh Advani.

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