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  • In 2023, Turkiye is expecting a record-breaking influx of visitors from India.

In recent years, Turkiye has been a popular vacation and wedding location for Indian tourists. According to the most recent figures, 88.03% of all visitors to the nation will be from India until April 2023. Istanbul and Nevsehir were this year’s two most frequented cities. There has been an increase in visitors coming into Turkiye as the nation has become a popular choice among Indian tourists for the FIT and MICE categories.

After receiving 51.4 million foreign visitors in 2022, Turkiye is now the fourth most popular tourist destination in the globe. In 2023, the nation hopes to break all past records by welcoming a large increase in Indian and foreign tourists.

By the end of 2023, Turkiye anticipates welcoming an even greater number of Indian tourists as the wedding season draws near. Turkiye is anticipated to host a sizable number of Indian weddings this year as many Indian couples want to get married in the country’s picturesque locations. Indian couples frequently choose Istanbul, Antalya, Bodrum, and Cappadocia as the locations for their destination weddings. The number of Indian tourists visiting the nation would also increase throughout the next festival and holiday seasons, since the majority of them like to take leisurely vacations at the end of the year.
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