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GRP will release a safety software for female commuters using local trains

For women to raise concerns about their safety while riding local trains, the Government Railway Police in Mumbai has teamed with the women’s app Coto Community. Women can share their stories on the “Sakhi in Khaki” program, and the railway police will respond. The partnership strives to establish a relationship with female commuters and foster a feeling of safety and trust.

MUMBAI: Women riders on local trains are frequently worried about having a bad experience due to occurrences of chain-snatching, harassment, or eve-teasing. The Government Railway Police (GRP) has partnered with a women’s app called the Coto Community in order to give them a secure space and increase their security. They are being urged to share their opinions on security-related topics and experiences with other female travelers on the app.

The ‘Sakhi in Khaki’ campaign aims to encourage women in the city to view railway police officers as their’sakhis’ (friends) and to voice their safety concerns and unfavorable experiences they have when riding local trains.

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Women will have access to an accessible and secure platform thanks to “Coto,” a social community platform created specifically for them. Any problems they encounter while traveling can be reported using the “Coto” community app.

The GRP authorities claim that the women can share pictures, videos, and messages about their problems, and the railway police will respond right away.

“Through our cooperative effort, we aim to build a strong connection with the city’s female commuters and instill the confidence that they can seek our support when faced with challenging circumstances while traveling by local trains,” stated GRP commissioner Dr. Ravindra Shisve. This campaign is a continuation of our ongoing efforts to ensure women’s safety while riding Mumbai local transportation.

Co-founder of Coto Aparna Acharekar shared her thoughts on the partnership, saying they hope to create a setting where women can express themselves without fear or harassment. “The initiative promotes a sense of trust among city women, who face safety-related issues while commuting in Mumbai locals, to share their concerns with the railway policewomen,” she said.

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