You are currently viewing Gavi was covered in a delicate white carpet by lovely balsam flowers.

Gavi was covered in a delicate white carpet by lovely balsam flowers.

During the height of monsoon season, Gavi was closed to visitors for a number of days, but it has now reopened. A carpet of dense bunches of colourful balsam flowers is what now draws nature lovers to this lovely location.
The balsams, also known as the “neelakurinji” of Gavi, are incredibly calming to the eyes and the heart.

According to the forest authorities, the variation of balsam discovered in Gavi is an uncommon variety among its species in the Western Ghats.
Balsams would start to appear on the Gavi route after the Moozhiyar penstock crossing.

On the way to Uran’s deep woodland, they are typically spotted close to the Aranamudi ranges. During the monsoon, the waysides are lined with vibrant balsams, creating an amazing spectacle. The Impatiens Scapiflora, the only one of them without stems, is regarded as its most attractive variety.

According to Dr. Anoop P. Balan, Assistant Professor of Botany at Thuruthikad BAM College, balsams are a tiny type of flora that, during the rainy season, cover the Western Ghats in a bright carpet of incredible hues.

He continues by saying that Kerala is home to more than a hundred different kinds of balsams. The balsams, which start to bloom during the monsoon, always wither away by November or December after giving tourists travelling to Gavi a spectacular season of natural beauty.
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