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Garuda Aerospace, the most valuable drone service provider in India, is pleased to proclaim its success in large-scale mapping. The rapidly expanding drone startup has announced that it will provide Odisha Mining Corporation with cartography support for the next two years. Utilising its cutting-edge drone technology, Gaurda Aerospace also introduces its specialised large-scale mapping drones, Bhumi and Vayu, which are equipped with AI and ML, allowing for a more advanced digital mapping exercise. Garuda Aerospace has effectively mapped 7,000 villages in the past year in support of the Government of India’s Survey of Villages and Mapping with Improvised Technology in Village Areas (SVAMITVA) initiative to map 70,000 villages across India.

Garuda Aerospace has covered more than 400 districts in its mapping efforts, demonstrating its commitment to comprehensive aerial surveying and mapping. This is a result of the momentum generated by its revolutionary Drone Yatra. The Bhumi and Vayu drones from Garuda Aerospace will be essential for capturing high-resolution imagery and data for large-scale mapping initiatives. These drones will convey data with precision and accuracy, thanks to their advanced sensors and cutting-edge data processing capabilities.
Agnishwar Jayaprakash, founder and chief executive officer of Garuda Aerospace, stated, “We are ecstatic with the success of our Drone Yatra initiative, which has allowed us to make substantial progress in documenting Indian villages. Using our sophisticated Bhumi and Vayu drones, we will be able to collect precise and comprehensive data to support evidence-based decision making and empower rural communities. Our partnership with the Survey of India and the Indian Government demonstrates our dedication to the nation’s growth.”

In accordance with its partnership with the Odisha Mining Corporation, Garuda Aerospace will provide the mining corporation with accurate and exhaustive data to support its operations and environmental management. Garuda Aerospace remains committed to transparency, inclusiveness, and sustainable development while collaborating closely with local authorities and stakeholders to deliver actionable data for informed decision-making and societal advancement.
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