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  •  From September 23, IndiGo will launch direct flights on the Delhi-Almaty route.

From September 23, 2023, IndiGo will begin operating direct flights between Delhi and Almaty. Almaty will thereafter become the 111th overall station in the vast 6E network and the 32nd overseas destination for IndiGo. By opening up this new route, India will have better access to Kazakhstan, which is known as Central Asia’s important financial hub.

The Head of Global Sales at IndiGo, Vinay Malhotra, commented on this by saying, “We are thrilled to bring new direct connectivity between Delhi and Almaty, Kazakhstan, opening access to one of the world’s ten largest countries. For leisure travelers, who may now discover Kazakhstan’s stunning architectural landmarks and energetic city ambiance, this addition offers enormous promise. The largest city in Kazakhstan and its main commercial, financial, and cultural hub is Almaty. Given that Kazakhstan is the richest nation in Central Asia, this connectivity will promote trade and commerce even more. We are confident that this growth will also result in a significant rise in tourism. We’ll keep working to improve our connectivity and stay true to our pledge to offer our clients seamless travel across our extensive network at reasonable prices.

Numerous tourists are drawn to Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan, by its lovely fusion of urban and natural environments. Trans-Ili Alatau Mountains surround Almaty, which offers spectacular scenery and vistas. The Shymbulak ski resort and the Medeu ice rink are two of Almaty’s most popular tourist destinations. The city is ideal for leisurely strolls and relaxation thanks to its abundance of museums, theaters, and parks. Almaty’s leading industries—which make up an important economic centre in Central Asia—include finance, technology, education, and tourism. Almaty is a fantastic spot for tourists who love adventure and city vibes to explore because of its fascinating history, diversified culture, and significant economic importance.

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