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  • From September 2023, SpiceJet will introduce 10 aircraft.

The Financial Express reported that starting September, low-cost carrier SpiceJet will add 10 Boeing 737 aircraft to its fleet. It has a lease deal in place for 10 aircraft, five of which are 737 Max models.

SpiceJet claimed that the change would increase capacity during the busiest winter period. Ajay Singh, SpiceJet’s chairman and managing director, said, “There has been a huge growth in passenger demand, and we are hoping that this trend of higher demand would continue in the latter part of the year as well.

In order to meet the expanding demands of the Indian aviation business, SpiceJet has been contemplating capacity increase. We will be able to launch new routes and increase our presence on current ones thanks to the introduction of these aircraft, which falls during India’s busiest travel period.

Over the next two to three months, the airline will rent up to 20 engines to restart its stranded fleet. On a CFM56 revitalization programme, the airline has teamed with aftermarket engine services company FTAI Aviation. SpiceJet’s Boeing 737s are powered by the CFM56 engine type.

The low-cost carrier announced last month that it would restart four grounded aircraft, two each of a Boeing 737 and Q400, by June 15, with further such aircraft anticipated to start flying in the coming weeks. The airline currently has about 25 grounded aircraft.
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