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  • From Magadan, Russia, the stranded Air India plane flies back to India.

According to an airline spokesperson, the Air India plane that had been grounded in the Russian town of Magadan since Tuesday due to an engine issue has landed in Mumbai. The plane touched down in Mumbai on Saturday night.

The airline had earlier in the day verified that the flight had left Magadan on Saturday morning following the required engine maintenance.

The official added that prior to takeoff, the aircraft had been examined for compliance with all safety standards and certified as serviceable.

We can attest that our engineering crew, which flew on a ferry flight to GDX on June 7, fixed a problem with the oil system of one of the aircraft’s engines. Before departing from GDX today, the aircraft had a thorough safety inspection and was deemed to be in operable condition, according to a spokeswoman for the airline.

A technical issue with one of the aircraft’s engines caused an Air India flight on Tuesday, carrying 216 passengers and 16 crew members, to be diverted to Magadan in Russia.

Up until Thursday morning, when the rescue flight despatched by Air India took off from Magadan for their planned destination, San Francisco, the 216 passengers and 16 crew members aboard the aircraft were stranded in the little town.

However, after a reserve flight on Thursday delivered every passenger to San Francisco, Indian travellers who were stuck in Magadan, Russia, thanked the Russian government for its aid.

However, the airline said in a statement on Thursday morning that it has enlisted more on-the-ground assistance at the destination to ensure that all passengers’ arrival clearance procedures went well.

Passengers who were stuck in Magadan for nearly two days due to a technical issue with one of the aircraft’s engines on an Air India trip from New Delhi to San Francisco will receive a refund of their travel costs and a voucher for future travel, the airline has said.

The airline informed the passengers in writing that the pilots chose to land the aircraft at a neighboring airfield out of caution after receiving a signal that one engine had low oil pressure.

“Please allow me to express Air India’s heartfelt regret for the prolonged delay in getting you to San Francisco. You are all too aware that there was a technical problem with the aircraft, causing the pilots to be alerted to low oil pressure in one engine. They chose to land the plane at a nearby airfield rather than continue their journey out of caution, the letter stated.

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