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The Ayush Visa, a newly created category for foreign nationals wishing to receive medical treatment here using conventional Indian medical systems, was introduced by the Indian government yesterday.

According to the government, the creation of this visa category satisfies a suggestion to develop a unique visa programme that permits foreigners to go to India just for therapeutic care, wellness services, and yoga therapies under Ayush systems and other Indian systems of medicine.

The Visa manual has been revised, adding a new chapter called “Ayush Visa” to Chapter 11A. This chapter, which was added after the current Chapter 11 – Medical Visa, focuses on treatment under Indian medical systems. The Visa Manual, 2019, has been updated to include changes for this new visa category, according to a statement from the Ayush ministry.

The decision will benefit medical travel in India, according to Sarbananda Sonowal, Union Minister of Ayush and Ports, Shipping & Waterways. He stated that the project is in line with their goal of spreading Indian traditional medicine on a worldwide scale.

Sonowal stated that it is a big move to create a new category of Ayush Visa for foreign nationals seeking treatment using Ayush or Indian medical systems. It will increase medical tourism in India. Our efforts to realise Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s goal of making Indian traditional medicine a global phenomenon will be strengthened by this endeavour. Additionally, I wish to congratulate Shri Amit Shah, Union Home Minister of India, for his work in establishing a unique Ayush Visa category.

The creation of the Ayush Visa category, according to a statement from the Ministry of Ayush, is a step along the country’s plan for the Heal in India project.

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