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  • For August 2023, Mumbai International Airport sees a 108% increase in passenger volume.

For the month of August 2023, passenger traffic at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) maintains a phenomenal development trajectory. Thanks to its top-notch infrastructure and superb connections, the airport had a 108% increase in passenger volume in August 23 compared to August 19 (before to the pandemic). With a growth tendency in both domestic and international passenger counts, CSMIA continues to assert its leadership in aviation excellence and solidifies its important place in India’s aviation environment.

CSMIA reported passenger traffic of approximately 4.32 million in August 2023, an increase of 32% from August 2022 (3.2 Mn). More than 1.1 million passengers traveled internationally at the CSMIA alone, a significant 33% increase over the 0.84 million passengers who traveled internationally during the same period previous year. In August 2023, CSMIA recorded a total of 20,711 domestic ATMs and 6,960 international ATMs, reiterating its position as a pillar of the aviation sector.

In August 2023, Dubai, London, and Abu Dhabi continued to be the most popular overseas destinations, while Delhi, Bangalore, and Chennai were the top domestic destinations for CSMIA. In addition, when compared to the same time last year, the CSMIA had incredible development in its foreign sectors. Munich (MUC), which showed an astonishing 150% increase in passenger traffic, and Hanoi (HAN), which registered an astounding 138% growth, were two of the top international sectors in August. Istanbul (IST) also experienced a notable increase of 110%, while Nairobi (NBO) and Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) saw noteworthy increases in passenger traffic of 99% and 96%, respectively, compared to August 2022.

A notable increase in passengers was also seen throughout the August Fourth of July weekend. The CSMIA welcomed 1,50,257 and 1,50,907 passengers on August 11 and 12, respectively, representing an 8.4% increase above the 1,39,661 daily average for August 2023.

With a 48% market share in the domestic market, IndiGo was in the lead, followed by Air India (18%) and Vistara (17%). IndiGo had a 22% market share in the international segment, followed by Air India with 14% and Vistara with 10%. IndiGo started running services from CSMIA to Nairobi and Jakarta in August, giving customers more convenient travel options. Additionally, CSMIA saw a remarkable 6% increase in cargo tonnage in August 2023, with a 3% increase in domestic cargo tonnage and an 8% increase in foreign cargo tonnage.

The airport’s consistent expansion in the sector is once again attested to by the most current passenger traffic figures at CSMIA. This growth is exponential, which represents the unwavering faith that customers have in CSMIA. It confirms the airport’s dedication to offering links to destinations across the world, first-rate services, and hospitality while placing the highest priority on safety and security to ensure a smooth transit for all. CSMIA is committed to staying at the forefront, exceeding customer expectations, and establishing new benchmarks for excellence in the international aviation sector as it continues to fly to new heights.

Source- Travel daily
Link- https://www.traveldailymedia.com/mumbai-international-airport-witnesses-passenger-traffic-recovery-of-108-for-august-2023/


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