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Exhibitions of Modern Art from Bhutan Travel to Taiwan

Modern art from Bhutan has been exhibited in numerous international venues, most notably Europe and Taiwan. Recently, three Bhutanese artists debuted solo shows in Taiwan. According to The Bhutan Live, the group includes the renowned contemporary Bhutanese artist Kama Wangdi, better known by his stage name Asha Kama.

The Dr. Sun Yat Sen National Memorial Hall in Taipei is now hosting a solo exhibition of artwork titled Sacred Present. The article claims that the show closes on May 10. Mandalas, the Buddha, and holy dances are just a few of the subjects he’s painted about recently.

The villagers have been very receptive to the artworks. For the past two weeks in Taipei, Bhutanese art and artists have been featured prominently on the city’s front page, attracting the attention of many collectors. And we are hoping and praying that everything goes smoothly,” Kama Wangdi told The Bhutan Live.

Last Monday, Tansbao Gallery hosted the opening of the second solo exhibition by Gyembo Wangchuk, another well-known Bhutanese artist. Zimbiri, a female artist, also presented her show in Taipei.

Kama Wangdi claims that by doing this, she is providing a platform for Bhutanese artists on a global stage. Promotion and exhibitions of Bhutanese art in cities like Hong Kong, Singapore, and China are also in the works. The artist continued, “It’s late by then, but it’ll help us do better at the next show.” Both encouragement and sobering reflection are abundant. Therefore, it all comes down to the artists themselves; the platform is crucial, but we also need a body of work to be considered. So, we have to put in more effort.

Kama Wangdi has noted that art shows like these help artists grow and remind them of what they need to work on to become better in the future. She stresses the significance of exhibitions and art events in helping such persons break into the competitive industry.

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