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What would you recommend for a first-time visitor to Norfolk?

Our county has a wide variety of tourist attractions, from the Broads to the seashore, to regal locations, and our wonderful metropolis.

Here are seven places that readers say a first-time visitor to Norfolk shouldn’t miss.

1. Wroxham Boat Trip

The Norfolk Broads are the third-largest inland navigation region in the United Kingdom and one of the country’s fifteen National Parks.

Peat was extracted from these areas during the Middle Ages and used as a fuel source. The present-day Broads were developed when these peat bogs flooded in the 14th century.

Floating down the river at Wroxham is the perfect way to unwind.

Cromer Pier No. 2

The Cromer Pier is a local attraction where people gather to watch the sunset and fish for crabs with their families.

The end-of-pier theatre on this grade II-listed pier is one of just five in the entire United Kingdom.

Norwich Cathedral, Number Three

For over a thousand years, the spire of Norwich Cathedral has been a landmark of our beautiful city.

Cathedral was once a Benedictine monastery, and it has recently played host to Dippy the Dinosaur and a helter-skelter.

Budge, the Cathedral cat, likes to take naps in the sunlit crevices of the historic building.

Hunstanton, number four.

Hunstanton beach, sometimes known as “Sunny Hunny” due to its sunny reputation, has been recognised as one of the greatest in the United Kingdom.

Beachgoers who also like to enjoy the town’s amusements and fish and chips will find that this is an ideal location.

It was originally called “Quintessentially British” and a “slice of Norfolk paradise” by a US-based travel publication.

Seals on Horsey, Number 5

Between the months of November and late January, Horsey and Winterton see tens of thousands of grey seals arrive on the beach to mate and have their pups.

The Norfolk coast is a popular breeding ground for grey seals, of whom it is estimated that half of the world’s population resides in the United Kingdom.

Dogs should be kept on leashes and visitors should keep their distance when observing the seals.

The Sandringham Hotel, Number Six

King Charles III’s great-grandfather, George V, and grandfather, George VI, both passed away in Sandringham House.

Sandringham House, which has been associated with the royal family since 1862, is open to the public from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Sunday (excluding Fridays).

Great Yarmouth’s Hippodrome, Number Seven

In 1903, George Gilbert, a talented performer, established the Hippodrome Circus.

It is one of the few remaining purpose-built permanent circuses in England, and the fact that its floor sinks into a pool makes it even more unique.

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