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RERA had published a notification informing owners of all unregistered real estate developments in Chandigarh that they had one month to comply.
The Chandigarh Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), which had a month to register real estate projects, has now decided to take suo motu action against the infringing builders.

RERA published a notice on June 23 requiring owners of all real estate projects undertaking them without the necessary registrations one month to comply. According to the letter, if they don’t register within a month, they would be penalized up to 10% of the project’s anticipated cost. However, even two months later, no builder showed up to register their projects.

According to the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act of 2016, registration with RERA is required for all residential and commercial real estate projects where more than 500 square meters of land is proposed to be developed or where more than eight apartments or offices are proposed to be developed. This is done to protect the interests of consumers and ensure quick resolution of disputes.
However, since the Act went into effect, just six projects have been registered in Chandigarh. Around 15 further projects were reportedly being built without registration, according to reports.

Three of the six registered projects—the Sector 53 housing scheme, the 2008 staff housing plan, and the Sector 51 housing scheme—are by the Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB). The final three projects are Rajiv Gandhi Technology Park, Godrej and Lifestyle Buildcon in Industrial Area.

Palika Arora, the RERA’s secretary, stated: “We have already written to the UT Estate Office and Registrar Cooperative Societies to provide us with the list of incomplete projects so that action can be taken.”

She claimed that the city’s rural districts saw the most construction. The cutting of plots on agricultural land will also be addressed, Arora continued.

Source- hindustan times
Link- https://www.hindustantimes.com/cities/chandigarh-news/real-estate-regulatory-authority-rera-to-take-action-against-builders-violating-registration-deadline-in-chandigarh-101693006039179.html


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