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  • Chandigarh once again tops the list of UTs in the Smart Cities competition.

In addition, Chandigarh won the fourth edition of the awards, which were introduced by the national government in 2018, in the “mobility” and “governance” categories.
Chandigarh has won the “Best UT Award” in the prestigious India Smart Cities Award Contest (ISAC) 2022, whose results were released on Friday, for a second consecutive year, thanks to its creative ideas and solutions.

In addition, Chandigarh won the fourth edition of the awards, which were introduced by the federal government in 2018, in the “mobility” and “governance” categories in addition to taking third place in the “sanitation” category.

On September 27, the awards will be given out at Indore, Madhya Pradesh, by President Draupadi Murmu.

The Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs’ awards program honors and rewards cities, initiatives, and creative concepts that advance sustainable growth in 100 Smart Cities while also encouraging inclusive, equitable, safe, healthy, and collaborative communities that improve everyone’s quality of life.

Chandigarh received the Best UT Award in honor of its plans, original concepts, fixes, and significant effects brought about by its undertakings. The city’s dedication to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), financial and physical performance under the Smart Cities Mission, and active involvement in national challenges like the India Cycles4Change Challenge, the Climate Smart Cities Challenge, and the Streets4People Challenge were also taken into account.

18 subcategories, including best state/UT award, project award, innovation award, Covid innovation award, partners award, and city award, are included in the awards.

In seven of the 18 categories—mobility, built environment, culture, governance, ICCC business model, sanitation, urban environment, and water—Chandigarh took part.

The city won the top spot in the mobility category for offering convenient and safe non-motorized transportation options, such as more than 227 km of bike lanes and a vast public bicycle sharing network. This success demonstrates the city’s dedication to encouraging eco-friendly transportation and lowering carbon emissions.

Chandigarh received recognition for its solid waste management measures, including GPS-enabled rubbish collection and monitoring through the Integrated Command and Control Center, placing it at the top of the sanitation category. Additionally, the city has accomplished 100% domestic hazardous waste and sanitary waste disposal, increasing recycling revenue and fostering economic sustainability.

Dharam Pal, a UT advisor, expressed satisfaction with Chandigarh’s accomplishments: “With the start of the bike sharing programme, our vision for a greener, more sustainable city is becoming a reality. Our dedication to innovation, health, and the environment is represented by the bicycle infrastructure and electric buses.

According to Anindita Mitra, CEO of Chandigarh Smart City Limited, “the credit for these awards goes to the citizens of Chandigarh for embracing new options and actively participating in the city’s journey towards a cleaner and sustainable future.”

“Chandigarh’s recognition at the national awards reaffirms our commitment to transforming it into a model smart city, focusing on sustainable development, citizen-centric services, and continuous innovation,” stated mayor Anup Gupta.

Source- Hindustan times
Link- https://www.hindustantimes.com/cities/chandigarh-news/chandigarh-wins-best-ut-award-for-second-year-in-a-row-in-india-smart-cities-award-contest-2022-101692996806316.html


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