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  • By March, Air India will have 20 new long-haul aircraft.

By March 2024, Air India will have 20 new wide-body aircraft, including six brand-new Airbus A350s and 14 Boeing 777s, according to MD & CEO Campbell Wilson. The airline will then start a $400 million project to completely overhaul its ageing wide-body fleet of Boeing 777s and 787s.

Additionally, Apple and Stanford University are working with AI to see how it can boost their financial performance and lower their carbon footprint. Wilson updates the workforce every Friday on the revival of AI, which is regarded as the most difficult task in airline history. “Our new fleet is a crucial step in the transformation process. I’m happy to report that the DGCA issued the “letter of type acceptance” for our A350s with Rolls-Royce engines this week.

In his message on July 21, Wilson stated that this “paves the way for us to initiate various activities related to the induction of this aircraft, the first of which is now only a few months away.”
Source- https://travelbizmonitor.com/air-india-to-get-20-new-long-haul-jets-by-march/


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