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Brand USA, the nation’s destination marketing organisation, opened IPW 2023 with an immersive press conference showcasing the USA as an unrivalled travel destination, revealing its latest consumer marketing campaign, international travel forecast, and consumer sentiment insights. IPW, the leading trade event for inbound travel to the US, brings over 5,000 industry experts from 60 nations to San Antonio, Texas for the first time. Brand USA is the main sponsor of the U.S. Travel Association’s first San Antonio event.

The press conference featured iconic and lesser-known destinations and attractions, from the best places to taste local cuisine to stepping into the song lyrics or movie locations that inspired a visit, being pampered in luxury, or experiencing the USA as a sports fan.

Brand USA President and CEO Chris Thompson told approximately 200 foreign media. “Our geography, experiences, people, and pop culture set us apart.”

Thompson said, “How did you first come to know the United States? Were you travelling with Jack Kerouac, Johnny Cash, or Audrey Hepburn? I bet you were left with a dream, a concept, and an intangible enthusiasm and knew you had to experience it for yourself.”

Thompson, who is positive on inbound tourism to the US, offered examples of how pent-up demand is driving economic recovery in towns across the country as more individuals book vacation and live their dreams. Thompson noted that airlines expect a near 100 percent return of connectivity by the end of the year and that international travellers no longer need a COVID-19 vaccination to enter the US.

The global travel revolution has made the lucrative foreign visitor industry increasingly competitive. Brand USA initiated a 10-market marketing campaign to accelerate customers’ aspiration to action. The campaign shows how the US fulfils the consumer promise that you can be and have anything you want. Thompson released two new campaign materials for adventure and family travellers.

SOURCE :- https://travelbizmonitor.com/brand-usa-touts-us-as-top-travel-destination-with-its-diversity/



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