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  • At the TAAI-J&K Chapter conference in Srinagar, new tourist attractions will be discussed

The much awaited 4th bimonthly meeting of the Travel Agent Association of India (TAAI)-J&K Chapter was conducted on Saturday at the charming Hotel Robusta Retreat-The Lakeside Villa in Srinagar.

As special guests, Syed Abid Rasheed Shah, Secretary of Tourism, and Bahram P. Zadeh, Member of the Managing Committee and Chairman of the Membership Council, Travel Agent Association of India, attended the event.
Syed Abid Rasheed Shah emphasized the importance of TAAI as one of the oldest and top travel and tourism organizations in the nation during his speech to the association’s members.

He stressed the crucial role local travel agents play in fostering the growth of these locations and expressed the Department of Tourism’s commitment to developing new tourism destinations in Kashmir.

In order to maximize outcomes, Abid also discussed the department’s plans to actively engage in major national travel and tourism expos.

Throughout his remarks, Bahram P. Zadeh emphasized the value of responsible travel throughout the Union Territory. In order to ensure Kashmir Tourism’s long-term viability, he encouraged the government and other stakeholders to take the required actions to increase the carrying capacity of Kashmir’s numerous tourist sites.

It was stated at the discussion that encouraging ethical tourist practises will help the local community as well as protect the area’s natural beauty for future generations.

Ather Yameen Narwari, chairman of the TAAI J&K Chapter, Sameer Baktoo, secretary, and Irshad Hazari, treasurer, were also present at the meeting along with a number of important figures from the UT’s travel and tourism industry.

They applauded the government’s initiative to hold such meetings, adding that it represents a big change from the past in that the administration is now attempting to engage the general public on a local level.

This strategy makes sure that everyone may profit from the steps done to develop Kashmir’s tourist sector.

Ather Yameen Narwari expressed his joy at the government’s serious attempts to work with the travel and tourism business locally in response to the fruitful meeting. Such interactions enable us to efficiently solve issues and work together for the expansion and development of Kashmir’s tourist industry.

Similar thoughts were expressed by Sameer Baktoo when he remarked, “Responsible tourism is not just a strategic need for the sustainable growth of our beautiful valley, but also an ethical duty. We value the government’s acknowledgment of this need and dedication to supporting programmes that increase the capability of tourism locations.

After the meeting, the TAAI J&K Chapter recommitted itself to promoting ethical tourism practices and working closely with the government to realize Kashmir’s enormous potential as a top tourist destination.
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