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  • At Delhi’s Baansera, a new convention center with a bamboo theme is planned.

In Delhi, a park with a bamboo motif is planning to build a 3,000 square foot convention center constructed entirely of bamboo.

A 3,000 square foot convention center made entirely of bamboo is planned for Baansera, a bamboo-themed park next to Sarai Kale Khan, according to officials informed with the plan.

A contractor was contracted last week to create the plans, drawings, technical specifications, and proposal documents for the planned facility by NBCC Limited, which issued a tender for the convention center on June 3. According to an NBCC official, the renovation will likely cost 2.11 crore and be finished in six months.

“India is the second-largest producer of bamboo in the world, and it has a vast knowledge base and many artisans who work with this natural material,” the scope of work states. The NBCC wants to develop a sustainable structure out of this local, organic material to show how it can be used in a modern, contemporary structure.

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The center will have an explanation room and a meeting room, and it will be air-conditioned. “The contractor will begin construction as soon as the conceptual design is complete. There will be a sizable hall, and inside there may be added smaller conference rooms. Details are being finalized, according to the NBCC official who was cited earlier.

“Bamboo is definitely a sustainable construction material and can be used for strong, long-lasting structures if designed intelligently,” said Divya Kush, a former president of the Indian Institute of Architects. In reality, it is widely utilized in northeast India to build a variety of constructions. In contrast to the carbon footprint of transporting the material, the source of bamboo used for construction can have a considerable impact on overall sustainability. Therefore, it is crucial to assure true sustainable construction and local bamboo procurement.

Over 15 different types of bamboo are grown at Baansera, which spans a 28-acre area along the western banks of the Yamuna. On September 23, the park’s gates were opened to the general public.

On September 22, lieutenant governor VK Saxena opened a musical fountain in the park and declared, “The people of Delhi deserve more such entertainment areas, where they may enjoy their nights with family. Such locations are constantly being added to the city. The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has just developed this entire region, which was once a total wasteland.

On his birthday, PM Modi will open the Yashobhoomi convention center in Delhi. Details

Additionally, he had stated that a convention center would soon be built at the park. The LG had stated that “this convention center will be yet another significant city location where business meetings and summits can be held.”

Source- Hindustan times


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