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Are you going to take the kids on a trip? Tips for Seating in the Back Row and Beyond

Whether you’re on a trip around the world or simply across town, vacationing with kids is no laughing matter. Diaper explosions, teething cries and pram tantrums can disrupt even the best-laid vacation plans in a hurry.

You’ve probably seen what can only be described as “super traveller” families if you’ve been watching videos on Instagram or TikTok. They jet from place to place, sharing images of their smiling infants as they frolic in infinity pools and gaze out airliner windows. Just what are they hiding?

This is what seasoned travellers do while taking their young family on vacation, according to a May 2023 article in the American travel news and features magazine Condé Nast Traveller.

One: Get them going early

After having a child, most people believe they no longer have the freedom to travel. But if you want your child to grow up to be a seasoned traveller, it’s best to have them adapt to your way of life as much as you do theirs. Even if your child is just a few months old, it is beneficial to take them on short travels so that they may become accustomed to changing environments and routines. Some parents have reported that their children as young as six or seven are capable of ordering their own meals at restaurants, as well as learning to count and utilise foreign currency.

Visit places that are kid-friendly

There is a family-friendly mentality in many parts of the world, particularly in South America and Europe. You won’t have to wait as long in customs or at the airport, and you won’t get weird looks if you bring your noisy kid to a restaurant. It’s a way of thinking that helps parents relax and stop worrying about looking bad in front of their children so they may enjoy themselves.

Preparing for flying impacts

Most parents may relate a terrifying tale or two about taking their kids on an aeroplane. Your child can eat through a whole mini-mart’s worth of snacks, games, books, and toys in just an hour, leaving you to fend for yourself for the rest of the journey. Packing a tablet with educational games and children’s shows can help keep youngsters entertained during long trips, as can bringing along a few new toys or books they haven’t seen before. To avoid the judgmental stares of hundreds of strangers while you pace the aisles with a fussy baby, choose seats at the plane’s rear rather than its front. When flying with a baby, it’s best to send your partner with the luggage first and bring your infant as late as possible, as many airlines now allow families to board the plane early.


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