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All stations were asked to copy the CSMT signage, which was deemed optimal.

In the most recent national railway signage policy document, which hasn’t been changed since 1999, the signage at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) has been hailed as excellent, and other stations across Indian Railways have been advised to follow its lead. An official stated in the middle of the day that signage aids guests in making cognitive choices regarding their journey and other requirements on the grounds of train stations.

Effective signage communicates ideas clearly and quickly, frequently without the need to read the entire text. Well-designed signage conveys a message swiftly and unambiguously using straightforward language, easy-to-read colours and typefaces, and intuitive pictograms, the official said.

The document also praised the signs’ placement, design, elliptical glow boards, size of text graphics, and uniform LED illumination, he continued, citing signage at various locations throughout CSMT station, including the concourse, entry/exit gates, circulating area, direction boards, and individual platform signage.

Although the technical specifications of the signage used at CSMT have only been provided for reference, the policy document, a copy of which is with mid-day, states that the detailed specifications, including material, etc., across Indian Railways shall be prepared by zonal railways in accordance with station requirements at the site and as per good industry practices as technologies and materials evolve continuously and the actual technical specifications may vary.

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