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They were reportedly canceled because they might have allowed neighborhood leopards to infiltrate the Metro vehicle yard; BMC authorities declined to comment.

According to sources, the BMC is thought to have removed two wildlife underpasses on Aarey Main Road that may have provided entry points for stray leopards into the Metro 3 car depot. These were set to take place on the section of the picnic point-Marol road near the auto shed location, which was discovered to be the home of at least five leopards last year.

The BMC’s cement concretization project, according to a source, has canceled plans for two underpasses due to technical issues.
According to a BMC insider who asked to remain anonymous, “When it was planned, small underpasses were part of the cement concretization work of the main Aarey Milk Colony. These underpasses were meant to allow leopards, reptiles, and other wildlife creatures cross the road securely. A number of underpasses have previously been built. However, due to the construction of the Metro 3 car depot’s perimeter wall, two to three underpasses that were intended for the section between Picnic Point and Marol have been abandoned. If underpasses are erected presently, the wall preventing their opening from being built on the side of the car depot prevents it.

The sources claimed that because the terrain on either side of the road is not at the same level, another wildlife underpass that was supposed to go before the vehicular underpass on that section has now been abandoned.

Instead, the BMC constructed a box culvert beneath the same section of the road, close to the auto depot, which, according to sources, can also serve as a storm water drain during the monsoon season.
The existence of plants and animals in Aarey has frequently been mentioned in this report, especially in the region where the vehicle shed is being constructed.

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