You are currently viewing 1.75 lakh downloads of the DMRC Travel app have been made.

1.75 lakh downloads of the DMRC Travel app have been made.

According to officials, the newly introduced mobile application for the Delhi Metro has had more than 1.75 lakh downloads, showing that more people are using technology to purchase their tickets.

On June 30, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) introduced “DMRC TRAVEL,” a special mobile application for its users that allows them to easily and conveniently generate QR-code tickets for travel throughout its network.”Many thanks to the commuters that made our trip amazing! The DMRC tweeted on Wednesday, “We are happy to report that the DMRC travel app has reached 1.75 lakh downloads.

Since its inauguration on its regular lines, the Delhi Metro officials have stated that there has been a “very good response” to it. Airport Express Line users already had access to the application.

A Delhi Metro employee stated, “The response shows people are using technology to book metro tickets.”

On the Delhi Metro, almost 70% of riders utilise metro smart cards to access the system. He said that the new app and the rest use tokens.

According to officials, customers may now purchase tickets directly from their smartphones using this new mobile application, doing away with the need to visit ticket booths, vending machines, or lines.

According to them, passengers can now enjoy a quick and easy ticketing process, saving significant time throughout their journey.
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