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238 people have died as a result of the Odisha train crash involving the Bengaluru-Howrah Express, Shalimar-Chennai Coromandel Express, and a cargo train near Balasore, South Eastern Railway reported on Saturday.

“According to the information we have thus far, there have been 238 fatalities. The hospitals at Gopalpur, Khantapara, Balasore, Bhadrak, and Soro have received about 650 injured passengers, according to South Eastern Railway.
With 1000 passengers, the 12864 Sir M Visvesvaraya (Bengaluru)-Howrah Express Superfast Express was headed in the direction of Howrah. 200 stranded passengers were being transported from Balasore to Howrah by a special train.

“Passengers are given water, tea, and snack packs at Kharagpur station. After the train arrives in Howrah, food packets will also be available, according to South Eastern Railway.

On the way to Howrah, several coaches of the 12864 Bengaluru-Howrah Superfast Express derailed and collapsed on nearby rails. The coaches that had derailed were struck by the 12841 Shalimar-Chennai Central Coromandel Express as it approached from the opposite direction on a parallel track. A total of 12 coaches from the Coromandel Express derailed, striking the halted goods train on the third track.

Amitabh Sharma, a spokesman for the railway, reported that the accident occurred on Friday about 7 o’clock.

Ashwini Vaishnaw, Minister of Union Railways, arrived at the scene and oversaw the rescue effort.

Vaishnaw stated on Saturday that “a thorough high-level investigation will be carried out, and the rail safety commissioner will also do an independent inquiry.”

“Our focus is on rescue and relief operations,” he continued. After receiving approval from the district administration, restoration will start.

Source- the print
Link: https://theprint.in/india/odisha-train-accident-death-toll-rises-to-238-rescue-operation-underway/1609712/

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