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Bolivia Visa

Tourist / Visitor Visa Documents Checklist

Please arrange the following documents carefully. After booking, our team helps you in the entire documentation process.
Bolivia Visa (Tourist) for Indian Citizens is a simple process. The documents required are:
1. Valid Passport (with 6 months validity & 2 blank pages)
2. Signed Visa Form by the Traveler/Applicant with 2 Photos (3.5×4.5 cm, white background and matte finish).
3. Proofs of Sufficient Funds (Bank Account Statement for 6 months, attested & signed by the bank)
4. Proof of Income being Taxed (Income Tax Returns of 3 years)
5. Proof of Present Employment or Business (Registration Deed, N.O.C from Employer etc.)
6. Proof of Ownership of Properties, Fixed Deposits, Provident Funs etc. in the applicant’s name (optional).
7. Travel Itinerary with Day Wise detailed proposal, Hotel Confirmation Voucher & Flight Tickets Copies.
8. If going on Invitation then Invitation Letter with ID proof of the Inviter along with 3 months bank account
statement, proof of employment and proof of residence of the inviter.

Service Charges (per person) = INR 7,999/- (Visitor) / INR 9,999/- (Business)

Note: Embassy Charges are payable by the applicant at the time of appointment.

Apply online by clicking below, you will be taken to contact & payment page. After payment, our visa experts call you for necessary information for successful operation.

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