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Update August 2022: My concerns are confirmed. Twitter, linkedIn, facebook is full of complaints from Zoomcar hosts. Search with zoomcar on these platforms and you can check it yourself. This is a great article. I was also interested in programa and later realized that it might not even be legal. A friend of mine, he rented a personal car in Goa and was later arrested by the police because it was illegal to use it. They are mounted on the RC car. So, it`s definitely not legal which obviously left a very bad taste in my mouth, but usually when companies pull off such, I end up letting go. But Zoomcar`s cruel customer service and generally unsafe practices prompt me to pursue this matter legally. On-demand ride-hailing app operators DriveU and DriverShaab are among the providers considering legal action against Zoomcar for unpaid payments since the lockdown days of 2020, the founders of the affected startups told TechCircle. I returned my Zoomcar on time, but they still show 1 day late and also show 5000rs unpaid amount in my name.

I have already paid my bill and I also returned the car to the car owner on time. I tried to contact Zoom customer service because but didn`t get a response. They charged a fake fasting fee on my account and seem to have been deaf for 5 days when I try to make them understand what happened and how much they really owe me. I am tired of this incompetent service and I want to act legally. Please suggest the steps I should take here. This is a great article. I became interested in the program and called customer service. They kept saying it was legal, but without documents to share. Given the maintenance and other routine issues, it`s not worth it overall, and owners will scrap their vehicles. Zoomcar introduced Amigo, a system where car owners can list their cars on zoomcar, let zoomcar customers book them, and earn a share of the rental money earned by zoomcar customers.

They don`t accept my driver`s license, so I asked to refund my money but no contact or RPLY from Zoomcar Please help me with this, my two transactions are pending so far, it will not be refunded File a complaint now and let our experts help you file a lawsuit and find a solution: @ZoomCarIndia I rented my car from Zoomcar as part of the Amigo by Zoomcar program, which costs 13 Lakes. Now it is stolen by your customer. It`s been 5 days and I`m not getting any communication? What do I do now? It`s the worst company I`ve ever seen. I unfortunately signed up with Zoom Car to register my car in August until today, the device still exists in my car that drains my battery and does not start my car. I have called customer service a hundred times and have not received a solution from you to date. Angry and dissatisfied with the operation of this company. I will take legal action against you. Please provide your legal department or email address to which I will send you a notification. Response to this emergency Zoomcar is the absolute limit of a crappy service. The absolute.

Once used, never again. The car I got already had scratches and I also clicked on the pictures. The app didn`t download them and ended up charging me for the bumps the car already had. Fuck You If you`re looking for Zoom Car Review on the internet, you`ve come to the right place. You can read the full Zoom Car reviews here. Do you get answers to questions like whether Zoom Car is genuine or fake? Is Zoom Car legit or scam? if Zoom Car is safe? All Zoom Car reviews are written by real consumers based on their experiences and provide useful details about the brand. Voxya encourages you to write reviews, comments, and complaints for Zoom Car to help others make wise decisions. Zoom Car`s consumer satisfaction is 40.00%, as out of 20 consumer complaints, only 8 are resolved. So if zoomcar hasn`t violated the terms and conditions and rules for vehicles, you can`t opt for any legal options. Hi Rakesh, we have received your complaint request and will contact you shortly to resolve your issue by filing a consumer complaint against zoomcar.

I do not think you will win such a case in court. There is no law or legal guideline that you should not drive a car with more than 1 liter of mileage or no tread. Zoomcar also has nothing in its terms of use or offers anything in return. You need to be sure that you will win the case, otherwise it can be harmful instead (both to your pocket and to the general cause). To do this, you have complete documentation. Make copies of their agreement and save them only from now on. And also evidence of how it caused real and legal damage, other than just saying it`s not a good trip. If the cause is too minor, cases are usually unsuccessful.

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