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In terms of fiduciary responsibility, I just want to keep improving the park. I think we are well on our way to putting things right after a very long period of neglect that precedes me. Of course, I want everyone to be able to enjoy this place as much as possible and as much as I can, then if I can help make it a better place to live. I totally agree. For public safety reasons, we have closed the bar and pavilion and cancelled all pavilion events. Non-essential employees have been furloughed, and we have developed a plan for take-out dining services and modified the rules for using amenities to comply with public health and social distancing guidelines. The lake and picnic areas around the lodge are open to members on a first-come, first-served basis. As a courtesy, groups of 15 or more must coordinate with security. Motorized boats are only allowed on the lake with electric motors, fishing and boating are only allowed for members and their companions (if possible). The use of skateboards, in-line skates, scooters, bicycles or similar devices is prohibited in the clubhouse parking lot. Under California Civil Code rules, ballots remain sealed until a quorum of 40% is reached at the annual meeting. If the quorum is not reached at the Annual General Meeting, the meeting will be suspended and resumed on Tuesday, July 21, 2020 at 6:00 p.m., with a quorum of 25%.

I just went looking for something that doesn`t matter to the economy. (The) Drinking water (business) seemed to be something that would not matter to the economy. So I started working here, I restarted the safety program here in the park when I moved here in `87 because there was no security, I had a lot of experience with that and I was able to get the permit. So I got the license for private patrol operations for the park and restarted the security program for about five years. And then they needed help with the water company. And I went to help them temporarily, and I`m still here. If you want to learn more about YLOA committees, visit the “About Us” section here at yosemitelakespark.org. Objectives:• To maintain a park-like environment that reflects the natural beauty of the Sierra foothills.• To improve the safety, well-being and interests of owners and visitors.• To maintain amenities that enrich our quality of life.• To support events, organizations and activities in Yosemite Lakes Park that foster a sense of community.• To exercise financial responsibility to achieve excellence and productivity and profitability.to ensure that a management plan is in place for the management of critical infrastructure, including roads and the water system. In a world where a part-time minimum wage worker is paid the equivalent of $65 an hour for NOT working (which is much more than we pay EVERY one of our employees), the rules are indeed different. So I turned to the Madera County Sheriff`s Office, who put me in touch with a community service officer named Carena Valdez. And she and I worked together to try to do something on Mount Lilley and hopefully expand it to other areas of the park.

You can also contact employees of YLOA and YSPUC and other departments via the contact page under yosemitelakespark.org. Fishing is only permitted in Blue Heron Lake (around the clubhouse). You must have a valid fishing licence. Fishing in Black Hawk Lake at the southern edge of YLP is conditional use – read the rules for using this lake on the Blackhawk Lake side. ○ In August, we experienced a total failure at Well 36A, which supplies water to Reservoir 4 and feeds the Lower Long Hollow Zone. Due to high demand, we had already installed a diversion to supply this additional reservoir with water from other parts of the system. It was a coincidence, because when the well failed, we were able to double the capacity of the bypass. This was not enough to meet the overall demand in the service area and emergency measures were required. The emergency was exacerbated by high heat and demand across the system, which accounted for more than 40% of demand last August.○ While waiting for parts for 36A, we took the opportunity to have the drill/pump crew available to perform an emergency pump replacement on well 35A. The performance of the pump had decreased in recent years, mainly due to iron deposits, and produced only about 16 GPM. The pump was replaced and put back into service on 18.8.

Production improved to 63 GPM and helped us meet the high demand throughout the park, which deteriorated with the 36A shutdown. We issued a warning urging all residents to conserve water and went door-to-door in the Long Hollow area to inform residents that outdoor irrigation had to be suspended for the rest of the week to ensure there was enough supply for internal domestic use.○ While tank levels dropped to 6`, which is considered critical (and decreased to 4` per day), the advice and cooperation of local residents, as well as the previously installed diversion, allowed us to maintain the tank level and gradually increase it to over 10 feet – still critical, But not an immediate emergency that might require a service shutdown to protect the system from damage. The ONLY OFFICIAL source of information on how YLP is handling COVID-19 is YLOA`s yosemitelakespark.org and direct communication. The situation is dynamic as new government information and instructions are released. Please refrain from unconfirmed speculation and rumors, as this will only cause confusion and can contribute to panic and fear. Thank you for your cooperation – we will all get through this together! The rules of this choice can be found here: www.yloa.org/election_rules There is a good mood in the park about the fact that contributions can no longer increase. Now, I`m not one to tell you that I will never vote to increase your dues – by the way, that promise disqualifies you from the board because your fiduciary responsibility on the board is to oversee and protect the financial health of the association. EQUESTRIAN CENTER: The CE will continue to be closed to anyone who does not live in the park (unless they currently ride horses in the park), but we will be making some changes for park residents, which will be announced next week. GOLF COURSE: The GC is open and will continue to operate under current conditions, including the restriction that carts can only be shared by members of the same household.

If you haven`t played the course yet, now is a good time to do so. The course is in good condition and golf is a great activity that can be social while being safe. I really don`t want our park to be an intact gem. I don`t look at it, but a wonderful place to live. I don`t like disharmony. And when people talk to each other, I try to put out the fires. When people are misinformed, I try to do that because, at least in general, they think they are doing the right thing, but they can be misguided. Are they misinformed? I hate rumors. I absolutely hate rumors.

So every once in a while, I try to put an end to a rumor when I know the fact, but I want to stay involved. As long as I can. I`d really like to, but I don`t want to be a boss. I`d much rather be a moderator, make sure everything runs smoothly. So there`s a neighborhood watch program going on North Dome and it`s been around for years, but because the park is so vast and so huge, I felt there had to be more because obviously someone on North Dome can`t monitor my house on Lilley Mountain if they see something suspicious. Facilities include a 9-hole golf course with shop and café, horse riding/boarding, clubhouse with restaurant, lounge and library, swimming pool and tennis courts, ball court, picnic areas, basketball court, volleyball court, Tether Ball, private security, storage room, hiking/horse riding trails and fishing lakes. Vendors include a gas station and hardware store, sandwich shop, dental clinic and real estate agents. Close to a full-service grocery store, liquor store, gym, dance instructor, and dog groomer. The best place to get up-to-date information on our COVID-19 response is via our official website: yosemitelakespark.org.

The Yosemite Lakes Owners` Association (YLOA) is a non-profit organization that establishes and enforces rules for properties within its jurisdiction.

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