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Please note that HK Land Law is an open book exam. You can bring our notes to the exam center. All PCLL conversion scores will be updated for PCLL conversion exams in January! Don`t use outdated notes! Only the printed version is available. We deliver to your home for FREE with SF Express. You can expect to get after 3-7 working days for HK address, while 10-14 days for overseas address. We`ll send you the SF Express track code where you can enter it on their website track where your notes are. Ye Susan Land`s law is one of the most difficult I have heard, my friend had to do it 3 times before adopting it. Apparently, all textbooks are really hard to understand and he only succeeded because he received very good grades from this pcll notes website. If you want to skip, I suggest you take some notes.

Oh and he said the worst thing is that it`s a closed book, so you have to remember everything~ so it`s nice to have notes for it, I think OMG really~ I don`t have time to fail it because I want to get into PCLL as soon as possible for my training contract. What notes did your friend use, can I buy them online or from him if he still has them? Thank you very much! Has anyone passed the land law and does they have banknotes that I can buy? I heard that the success rate of land law is really low ~ is it true? I`ve heard it`s like 50% failure, is that true? Any advice would be really appreciated, thank you! HK Land Law has a total of 6 banknotes. Each note is approximately 23 pages long. This set contains comprehensive concept notes, cases and regulations. In addition, our PCLL experts have sorted for you the past 6 years of articles, with all the answers. You do not need any additional hardware for the test. vi. Charge of the Confederation expressly intended to be borne or intended to be borne by the Land.

27. I. Non-Registrable Interests – Common Law Shares/Unwritten Shares. 14 iv. Principles governing the exercise of the discretion provided for in Article 2. 16.7. The ownership system of multi-unit development in Hong Kong. 25th edition.

Appointment of the registered manager after the completion date. 31 I also just wrote the book with seven seals! OMG I have NEVER done a closed-book legal review, how can I remember all the cases and laws? That`s crazy! How did your friend do that?. iii. Waiver of Breach or Waiver of Breach 24 The information contained herein applies to conversion examinations that will take place in January 2023. Please note that information regarding conversion revisions that will take place after January 2023 is provided for illustrative purposes only. This document is updated regularly. Candidates who plan to take conversion exams after January 2023 should ensure that they follow the latest version. iii. General conditions of sale, grant, reissue, renewal or exchange. 20 Share our website with your friends and get a limited time offer of 10% off your purchase! Click here to get your discount code! (1) Non-registrable interest covered by subsequent written document 11 ii.

Document to be executed in the presence of the district official 32 (1) Explicit and intended to be made with the Covenant. 28 Hong Kong and other programs: CPE, BPP and external University of London to pass their exam. E. Oral contract without sufficient written note. 9 V. Renewal or renewal of new territorial leases. 18 previous examination papers: 06/2020, 01/2021, 06/2021 and 06/2022. Facebook Page: New Territories Ordinance (Renewable Government Leases) Cap 152 New Territories Lease Ordinance (Extension) Cap 150 Order now and for a limited time, get free shipping (up to $100 off)! All our notes are fresh from printers – just for you. We also have Q&A help on Facebook, where you can ask a maximum of 10 questions, with our PCLL specialist concluding with a list of deans.

Click on the extra service when you need it! Our specialist promises to respond within 72 hours! After registering, please send us an email with your Facebook account to make a reservation at H. Chinese usual trust companies and adversary property. 32 H. bona fide purchaser for value without notice. 13 (4) Implied notice and obligation to request. 14 II. Agreements incorporated into the RCD by the Building Management Ordinance. 26 extracts from the audit reports for exams 06/2020, 01/2021, 06/2021 and 06/2022. Buildings Ordinance (applicable to new territories) Ordinance Cap 121 Transfer of ownership and ownership Ordinance Cap 219 Whatsapp (852) 5122 5378 if you have any questions:) Thank you for choosing lawbooster. Australia: University of Sydney, University of Melbourne. ii. Intent to possess, not expropriate (no intention to possess) 18.

Introduce the PCLL conversion notes to a friend and you will both get 10% off! British universities such as UCL, LSE, Cambridge, Oxford Nottingham, KCL, Leicester, Exeter, Lancaster, Aston, Warwick & Sussex etc. Principles of the applicability of the Covenant in DMC. 26.

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